Monthly Archives: August 2010

#3 Mojo-Zapper for Women: Expecting Yourself to Focus

It is currently scandalous to say so, but: women’s and men’s brains are different, and women’s brains don’t naturally focus. It Is All About the Babies Our brains operate with something called “diffuse awareness,” according to my favorite relationship expert Alison Armstrong, which means we are constantly aware of many things at once. (DNA wise, […]

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#2 Mistake that Zaps Women’s Creative Mojo

Mistake #2: Trying to Escape Self-Doubt Before You Sit Down to Write THE SCOOP: In a Conversation with Fear, Fear Usually Wins Most of us have that icky dread feeling, to some degree, on many of the days we sit down to write. For me, it’s most days, especially if I have had to skip […]

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5 Mistakes that Zap Creative Mojo

This week, I have the first article in a series (woohoo! a series!). (And these culprits are soooo not what you think they are!) Mistake #1: Messy house or office THE SCOOP: Ms. Perfect Kills the Writing Vibe I used to feel really guilty that I had to make everything PERFECT on my desk and […]

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