Monthly Archives: September 2010

#5 Mojo-Zapper for Women: Working through Exhaustion

When you’re exhausted, you make decisions based in fear. This is inevitably the wrong path. Decisions based in fear will always leave you with giant messes that may take weeks, months, even years to fix. I speak from experience here: during the first phase of my business, I kept pushing, pushing pushing when I was […]

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#4 Mojo-Zapper for Women: Psychic Vampires

So you finally get a nice big chunk of writing time to really dream and create, and who shows up, but the psychic vampire. Not Vampire Bill from True Blood, awesomely ESP-ing you that he’s coming to save your Sookie-ass from big nasty monsters. No, today, sadly, I am not talking about that kind of […]

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