Avoiding the Query-induced Blahs

I’m so grateful for all the inspiring replies to last week’s launch of the newsletter and site! Thank you.

I’ve been hearing from some of my beloved old-school Elizabeth’s Workshops writing students and it’s so inspiring–years on, people now have finished writing these full-grown, amazing books that I was privileged to help out with when they were just newborns and toddlers. What joy.

Love to hear it. And I can’t wait to read these books.

The tricky part is: it’s a serious pain in the a** to get a book published these days. And we have SO much of our self invested in our beloved characters, in all the brave brave work we’ve done to get the book out into the world at all, in all the love and time we’ve put in, in all we’ve learned about writing.

In the endless failures we’ve worked past to create this work we finally are actually PROUD of.

It can be really depressing. I am hearing of a LOT of query letters, a LOT of rejection letters, a lot of sort of blah news about a lot of truly incredible books that SO deserve to be out in the world.

If you’re in this boat: you are not alone. And I truly believe that many of the major novels of our time are still sitting in drawers.

I know: depressing. Ugh!

BUT: there are solutions.

There is amazing success and creativity and deliciousness available to you.

You just have to learn how best for YOU to flow around the big giant boulder blocking the stream. A boulder made of tons and tons of stressful query and rejection letters. And the hard, sinking feeling in your stomach these particular sorts of letters so expertly create.

And the answers have to do with the fact that your LIFE is more important than your BOOK.

The trick is, that in some sense or another, this difficult publishing climate means we have to become entrepreneurs, not just artists.

I’ve been balancing these two things for many years now, and it’s hard. But it’s also SO much better than the isolation that even a successful writing career can engender.

On the blog starting this fall, I will be writing a lot more about this balancing act and sharing what I’ve learned over the years.

But for now, what to do if you are feeling bummed about being stuck in the “publishing pause” ? (Wow did I just coin a phrase? It IS like a giant pause, really.)

I’ve got this slightly ranty manifesto that may help you start to dig out and get some perspectives that might just get you past that big sinking boulder. It’s in my core blog content I built into this site RIGHT from the beginning and you may have missed it even though it’s right there in the sidebar:
Successful Writers Are Entrepreneurs

(If you like it, be sure to facebook or tweet it, okay? There are a lot of people suffering a lot of shame around rejection letters who could use a new perspective! And I would love love love to hear your thoughts in the comments, which I just learned how to make work in WordPress 🙂 )

Okay lovelies, that’s all for me, have a gorgeous weekend and thanks for reading–


PS: If you’re ready to get started before I really start putting out lots more information on how to swing the whole writer/entrepreneur thing in the fall, you can sign up for a Goddess Intervention one-on-one session with me.

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