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I’m the author of Girly, creator and editor of This Is Not Chick Lit, and writer of Boys for Pele which I keep promising is coming soon and it is coming soon! There have been some weird delays—weird weird things that you are not gonna BELIEVE when I finally explain it–but this book, Pele, like the album she is based on and the goddess the album is based on: she does her own thing, to an extreme. She is on her own time. I am not in control here, I work on her time, she doesn’t work on my time.

ALSO, in the past I created two acclaimed writing series for women literary writers in NYC,  and I created my own business in 2003, Elizabeth’s Workshops, which were classes with their own unique right-brain based methods and totally not-snotty, no-BS-lit-world vibe, in Brooklyn, which I shut down in 2008 because it turns out that running a business is freaking exhausting.

I have a BA from Yale, an MFA from Cornell, and an MA in Creativity and Arts Education from San Francisco State.

SO: While I don’t have regular classes anymore, I still do one-on-one writing coaching and book editing for people I like.

(these are the basics– find more info and actual ranting over on the About page)

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