about Elizabeth

I’m the author of Girly, creator and editor of This Is Not Chick Lit, and writer of Boys for Pele which I keep promising is coming soon. There have been some weird delays. This book, Pele, like the 1996 Tori Amos album she is based on and the goddess the album is based on: she does her own thing, to an extreme.

In the past I created two acclaimed writing series for women literary writers in NYC,  and way back in 2003 I created Elizabeth’s Workshops,  classes with their own unique right-brain based methods and a totally not-snotty, no-BS-lit-world vibe, in Brooklyn, which I shut down in 2008 because it was finally time for me to leave New York.

I have a BA from Yale, an MFA from Cornell, and an MA in Creativity and Arts Education from San Francisco State.

While I don’t have regular classes anymore, I still do one-on-one writing coaching and book editing for people I like. Right now I don’t have any openings available.


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