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I currently offer one-on-one consultations.  You get my practical, effective, intuition- and now often neuroscience-based  tools tailored specifically for you. These tools have been unique & super-effective for hundreds of people since 2003: check out some of my students’ success stories.


  • the big juicy genius/mess of your writing project itself
  • a creative block that has you desperate to be free of panic and procrastination
  • helping you figure out non-gross publicity angles that are off the beaten path
  • creativity+life+money+time: no more avoidance and workaholism: it’s time to get a ruthless, effective focus on what you really need in order to shine.

The one problem I am best at solving for my clients is to get them out of feeling stuck, horrible, miserable, trapped, self-loathing, doomed, furious, and otherwise cranky to feeling hopeful, confident, curious, and most importantly: ACTUALLY WRITING.

This much appreciated shift happens in the first five minutes of the very first class of my workshops (yes: it’s true!), and continues happening throughout. In consultations with me, you get my full focus and focus on finding solutions to your specific blocks in a way that is not possible in a classroom setting. The feeling of excitement and productivity is more accessible to you as you go forward: it’s right there for you to tap into on your own, as needed.

I specialize in the twisted dark lunacy of the “writer brain,” but, honestly, this same twisted resistance hell pit happens whenever we’re really moving forward to launch something new, risky, and true that comes from our hearts.

My writing methods are based in the right brain, accessing targeted, intuitive solutions from the start, thereby avoiding years of hellish revision. Most writing workshops are based in logical, critical, left-brain thinking. Then when you’re alone at your desk,  stranded at your scary blank page, a nasty critic is directing traffic in your head and it’s so often almost impossible to move forward even an inch.

My intuitive, right-brain, creativity-inducing techniques, on the other hand, work at warp-speed to get you into a groove. Because you get plugged into your intuition, your heart, you start producing wonderful work, happily, and you keep it up. Right now, the only way these tools are available is through 1-on-1 consultations with me, and I love to see how fast we can get results together.

Consultations last about 90 minutes, but you should block off an extra hour or two to write or noodle around afterwards in order to complete the assignments I’ll be giving you on the phone.

If you’re interested in a consultation, please get in touch.

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