work with Elizabeth

I currently offer one-on-one consultations.  You get my practical, effective, intuition- and now often neuroscience-based  tools tailored specifically for you. These tools have worked for hundreds of writers, from beginner to long-standing professional, since 2003. Check out some of my students’ success stories. We can work on the genius/mess of your writing project or on larger creative blocks. I specialize in the twisted dark corridors of the “writer brain,” but, honestly, this same twisted resistance hell pit happens whenever we’re really moving forward to launch something new, risky, and true that comes from our hearts.

My writing methods are based in the right brain, accessing targeted, intuitive solutions from the start, thereby avoiding years of hellish revision. Most writing workshops are based in logical, critical, left-brain thinking that actually slows creative progress.  My intuitive, right-brain, creativity-inducing techniques, on the other hand, usually work pretty quickly to get you into a groove.

Consultations last about 90 minutes, but block off an extra hour or two to write or noodle around afterwards.

Currently I’m booked up. Email elizabeth at elizabethmerrick dot com to get on the list for future openings.