“Elizabeth Merrick has the ability to pull words and stories out of your skull without you even noticing what she’s doing. Not only that, she makes it fun and easy.

–Jessa Crispin bookslut.com, Editor-in-Chief and Founder

In just the first week after clarifying my intentions with Elizabeth, I got a new job offer, happily resolved two big decisions that have been plaguing my husband and me for g-d knows how long, and reported and wrote a story that I am so jazzed about, it got me thinking about new book ideas. She moves in mysterious ways…

–Anya Kamenetz, author of GENERATION DEBT, DIY U, and staff writer for FAST COMPANY magazine

“Simply put: Elizabeth Merrick is the best creative writing instructor I’ve ever had.  I love to write so much that it used to give me anxiety.  But, every time I went to Elizabeth’s class, she cleared my head of that and equipped me with an arsenal of tools that gave me the confidence to call myself a writer.”

Before I took Elizabeth Merrick’s writing workshop, I had ideas for stories that I couldn’t quite put down on paper.  Elizabeth helped me push them out and turned what had become dread back into love and passion for the work I believe in.

She taught me to rethink the act of writing in a way that allowed me to focus on how the structure of the plot flows through and enlivens what were formerly puddling thoughts.  In her 10-week course I wrote a novella that I am extremely proud of, and the stories keep coming.”

–Jenny Werbell, graphic designer

“Forget the horse whisperer. Elizabeth Merrick is ‘the book whisperer.’ As a coach, she gave me belief in the project, organization and hope.”

— Katherine Lanpher, radio personality and author of Leap Days

“I have taken writing classes at Harvard, at Johns Hopkins, in London, at Grub Street Writers in Boston, and at U-Mass Boston. Elizabeth is, without question, the best writing teacher I’ve ever had. Most writing teachers do not take the risk to teach you techniques or a method. Writing is subjective: New Yorker-style prose and whatever the teacher’s personal preference favors usually rules the day. But Elizabeth gives us very clear rules for what defines good writing across the board and very, very specific ways to always get there.”

–Parul Singh, writer

Elizabeth’s balanced energy, straightforward simple guidelines and exercises, and genuine positivity were secondary to the soul-deep inspiration I have experienced in taking her class.”

–Katie Ellison, editor

Elizabeth’s class was divine intervention for me. I came to it just as I was in transition from one phase of my life into the next and feeling a little lost. The class and her technique were amazing to experience and were totally inspirational. As soon as I tried the first exercise I thought to myself ‘I’m writing!…I’m really writing!’ I felt like I was in the presence of supportive and truly gifted woman and I feel honored to have been a part of it.”

— Flora Q. Johnstone Associate General Manager, Dodger Properties (producers of Broadway’s super-fabulous musical, “Jersey Boys”)

Elizabeth’s class allowed me to connect with my intuitive brainwaves, through a productive, writing-dedicated day. Specifically, Elizabeth taught me how to use visualization and collage to get into that zone. She has a knack for re-arranging the universe, turning previous set-in-stone ideas into points open for discussion.”

–Paula Crossfield, New York Times-featured contributor to the Huffington Post’s Green Page, contributing producer at The Leonard Lopate Show on New York Public Radio, and managing editor of Civil Eats.

“Be prepared to do a lot of writing! Elizabeth is not a teacher who just talks about writing. Every week I left class with a new story and a sore hand from writing so much. Elizabeth’s workshop taught me to get out of the way of my writing and just write. There’s no amount of coffee that can make me do that. She’s a truly gifted teacher. I wrote more during those 20 minute writing exercises in Elizabeth’s living room than I have in a year and a half trying on my own.”

— Jennifer Kirwin, writer, mom, comedian, and educational advisor to the US Embassy of Mauritius.

Part fairy godmother, part drill sergeant, sprinkled with a sheen of dominatrix, Elizabeth is a gift. Her classes and coaching sessions fundamentally shifted my work patterns. This time last year, there was just an idea, the same one I’d been batting around forever. Now, there’s have a polished manuscript, ready to shop. If you want to learn to trust yourself, your ideas, and how to get ‘em out there, go see Elizabeth.

—Lindsay Reed Maines, rockandrollmama.com and lifetimemoms.com